A lil' Advice from the keema Naan of Kindness

Updated: Apr 22

Baking and kindness go hand in hand

Hey let’s look just a couple of ways in which baking and kindness go hand in hand, like a mother and child walking in the park, like 2 young lovers strolling the beach. And why Kindness is a quality worth developing.

1, kindness is defined by the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.

To bake anything from scratch and gift to a friend or someone in need encompasses the essence of Kindness. The act of giving and receiving your baked goods passes on an exchange of invisible happy hormones.

The important thing about kindness is to not expect anything in return, not a thank you ,nothing, it is a totally genuine considerate act from you without expectation.

2, Kindness not only realeases happy hormones (scientists call it Oxytocin) but it is now known the small act of just being kind reduces anxiety and stress hormones (scientists call this one Cortisol) and would you believe it this has an actual physical impact on the health or your body - less strain on your heart too.

So we are saying first and foremost ,beyond anything else, be kind to yourself, allow yourself a break. Get creative whether it’s baking, painting , colouring ,whatever floats your boat. Just be in the moment and switch off to everything else. See, when you are kind to yourself your ability to be kind to others greatly increases and we get happy hormones sprinkled all over the place spreading from person to person, Now who wouldn’t want that!

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