I am no Mary Berry !

Updated: Apr 22

Hi, Thanks for checking us out.

Firstly, I am no Mary Berry in fact I have no idea what I am doing when I put things in a bowl, mix em up and throw em in the oven. But what I have found is that the act of baking and sharing is one that brings me joy, chills me out and helps me to be mindful.

I have been on one heck of a journey over the last few years both personally and professionally, one that has brought me moments of great joy and moments of sheer terror. However all of it has made me who I am today and allowed me to introduce you to Bakeeze.

Here you will get easy baking tips as I learn them !! I will combine them with my knowledge of wellbeing, self care and how to thrive MOST days in this mixed up world.

So please get involved with my conversations so we can learn from each other. If together we can help one person feel better and feel purposeful then hey, we will have done great work.