3 reasons to bake your way to a clear mind

Busy lives and busy minds, we all too often don’t allow ourselves to switch off and if you are like me you don’t know how to switch off so your mind is constantly full and you can't think straight.

Mindfulness doesn’t have to be half an hour sat on a cushion in a quiet room. (Who the heck has got a quiet room at home, I sure don’t !)

Here I talk about how the act of baking can help give you space from all the over thinking, worrying and stress that you deal with most of the time.

Lets's get into it:


Baking gives you a reason to stop and take time out off the Hamster wheel you find yourself on. I mean imagine actually being on a hamster wheel, if you don't ever get off then you will be reduced to a panting wreck heaped on the floor - even the fittest hamsters need a break! But unlike Hamsters we don't listen to our bodies when they tell us to stop. We feel too guilty and the ever increasing 'To Do' list takes over our lives. I have found the one thing that stops us switching off is that we feel we need permission to do so. Baking helps us to allow us to stop and makes permission easier because we are doing something with purpose, something we can share with others and that pleases that little monster in our head that tells us we are being selfish by choosing an a creative activity over doing the Ironing .


Baking helps you to be in the moment, we all know mindfulness and meditation is good for us, it helps with stress, anxiety and keeps us level headed, so why don't we practice it? If we knew how to do it, we wouldn't have time anyway! I am here to say it really does help with all those things I am living proof of that, AND you don't need fancy techniques and to spend time sat in a position you can't get into with your arms out-stretched. No Ma'm when you get your bake on in the kitchen you are entering the mindful zone without realising it. You are living in the moment totally focussed on the recipe and the matter at hand. If you go into the kitchen with the intention of noticing what you are doing, you will pay attention to the way the mixture feels in the bowl, how it smells and tastes when you lick your spoon ( when else do we eat uncooked eggs !!) that my friend is mindfulness ! you are doing it!


When we go through bad days, tough times and confidence wobbles, we feel good for nothing and no-one. Baking gives us a sense of control over what we are doing. All to often we feel at the mercy of other peoples agenda, well not in the kitchen this is all about you, this is your moment. You have given yourself permission, you are queening the being in the moment mindfulness thing AND there is still more to come .... the end result, your baking creation, whether it is some wonky scones or a flippen master piece YOU did that and you can eat it all yourself if you want to ! Or of course you can release some happy hormones and share it with others - Either way on those wonky days you have gotten yourself a sense of achievement and baking helped you do that !

So There you have it we all know we need to take time out the buzz words are everywhere - “Me Time” “Self Care” “Mental health ” - but the reality is it’s hard to allow ourselves, to give ourselves permission to put ourselves first.

Baking is a medium through which you focus on the task at hand allowing your mind to shut out any other thoughts , and you you can placate those feelings of “Me Time” Guilt by sharing your creations with others around you. ( that is of course if you haven’t eaten it as soon as it has come out of the oven burning your tongue with every bite - not saying I have ever done that !!)

With regular practice you will notice your mind clearing and your demeanour lightening.

Hey it’s worth a try right!

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