3 Ways baking is like a big old hug.

Updated: Apr 22

Hugs are an exchange of emotions between two people. They are comforting and connecting.

When you give someone a hug you gift them your support. Hugs are a moment shared and positive energy exchanged.

During this year there has been a huge hug deficit, a gaping whole left in the world, at time when we need hugs the most we are forbidden to give them.

So I started using my bakes to fill the loss I felt while unable to give hugs.

Here are 3 Ways in which Baking is like dolling out a big old hug:

1 Filled with positive energy

When you bake with someone else in mind, you have taken YOUR time find a recipe and source the ingredients. You have intentionally set yourself a task to help make someone’s day better.

This act is full of positive energy which (even if it sounds hippy dippy and off beat) will transfer right to the person you are baking them for. The recipient of your bake will feel the love and compassion you have put in. Just like when you give someone a hug there is an exchange of positive energy between you. You may not have noticed that’s what it its, but think about it, when you are feeling down and someone hugs you, you cannot help but feel better even if it’s for a brief moment. That feeling is produced from positive vibes transferred to you from someone who cares. So positive energy or vibes is the secret ingredient in your cookies, cakes, sausage rolls or whatever, they make your bakes comforting and up-lifting.

2- Giving

The act of giving is in itself an act of kindness and makes both you and the recipient feel happiness. Giving something you have made with your own hands, something you have created makes you feel great and is appreciated very much more by the recipient.

3 Sharing

Homemade cookies served with some warm milk or hot chocolate are indeed a hug in food form! Comforting and nostalgic they warm your soul and soothe your tension. So when you have made them yourself and you share them with someone you care about both of you are connected, you don’t need to say anything you both know you care about each other - This is just what a hug is all about.

So when you are out walking with a friend in the park, pack your cookies ,grab yourselves a takeaway hot choc and find a bench to enjoy a hug in the form of cookies.

Or put some of your positive vibes into your cupcakes and leave them on a friends doorstep with a little note to let them know you are thinking of them.

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