3 Reasons people don't bake and the antidotes to them

Updated: Apr 22

Bakeeze having fun the kitchen not worried or stressed by the mess. Flour on her nose. Baking fro stress relief
To Hell with the mess let's bake

I enthuse about the merits of baking for your wellbeing to anyone who wants to listen, however while most people dig where I am coming from they don't bake often, if at all. Here are the top 3 reasons they give and what I believe to be the antidote to this baking quandary.


I feel you on this one believe me! - I cannot stand mess (although you may not believe me if you stepped into my chaotic home) and the thought of added mess in the kitchen was enough to turn me off baking for many many years. Also when you are crazy busy spinning that hamster wheel the last thing you want to do is create more dishes to wash.


I believe there are 2 antidotes to this depending on who you are and what day it is !- you could do the tidy as you go approach, this gives you a wonderful sense of control and method to what you are doing. Feeling in control is empowering as we are all too often at the mercy of others - perhaps you want an organised tidy house, work desk etc but people around you have different ideas, you can let that orderly methodical part of you out and tidy as you go and own it.

OR you can go with the to heck with it approach put flour on your cheeks and revel in mess, setting the intention to have a free for all session in the kitchen make the tidy up part of the Me Time - whack up the volume on your baking playlist and shake that booty while you wash the dishes ( in my case the dishes, the floor and the ceiling !!). Now I have to be in the right mind for this approach but when I am the sense of freedom and fun is aaaaaaaamazing and I ride the buzz for hours.