3 Reasons people don't bake and the antidotes to them

Updated: Apr 22

Bakeeze having fun the kitchen not worried or stressed by the mess. Flour on her nose. Baking fro stress relief
To Hell with the mess let's bake

I enthuse about the merits of baking for your wellbeing to anyone who wants to listen, however while most people dig where I am coming from they don't bake often, if at all. Here are the top 3 reasons they give and what I believe to be the antidote to this baking quandary.


I feel you on this one believe me! - I cannot stand mess (although you may not believe me if you stepped into my chaotic home) and the thought of added mess in the kitchen was enough to turn me off baking for many many years. Also when you are crazy busy spinning that hamster wheel the last thing you want to do is create more dishes to wash.


I believe there are 2 antidotes to this depending on who you are and what day it is !- you could do the tidy as you go approach, this gives you a wonderful sense of control and method to what you are doing. Feeling in control is empowering as we are all too often at the mercy of others - perhaps you want an organised tidy house, work desk etc but people around you have different ideas, you can let that orderly methodical part of you out and tidy as you go and own it.

OR you can go with the to heck with it approach put flour on your cheeks and revel in mess, setting the intention to have a free for all session in the kitchen make the tidy up part of the Me Time - whack up the volume on your baking playlist and shake that booty while you wash the dishes ( in my case the dishes, the floor and the ceiling !!). Now I have to be in the right mind for this approach but when I am the sense of freedom and fun is aaaaaaaamazing and I ride the buzz for hours.

Don't let the thought of mess put you off baking - the rewards outweigh the mess every time!

2. Time

Now this is a really big one isn't it! In fact we don't have enough time do what needs doing let alone do what we want to do or even to try new things.

We are rushing about hither and tither not really knowing which way is up and never really focusing on one thing, spinning all of the plates. NEWS FLASH my friend them plates are gonna get out of control and most likely all come crashing down at once, leaving a broken mess on the floor. I know this because I have been that broken mess on the floor, a blubbering wreck in the doctors surgery, If you have been there (or are in that place now) the you know this is not a nice place to be and it takes a whole heap of TIME and focus to glue it all back together.


Well I guess you are thinking I am going to say "Make Time" NO NO NO , it is totally impossible to make time, never ever tell. a busy person to "Make Time" unless of course you want a clip round the ear!

However it IS POSSIBLE to prioritise time, to give yourself permission, to put you first, I mean at the end of the day what is more important than making sure you don't end up shattered all over the floor. The sooner you realise this the better, its the most important thing I ever learnt. Even just 10 mins each day will reset your foggy mind and then just an hour a week for some creativity like baking it will help you be focused and in the moment and achieve something you can enjoy and share.

3. Chasing Perfection

We would all love to be able to create a cake that looks so much like a toilet roll you don't know whether to eat it or wipe your Hoo Haw with it ( I know you have seen the pics on Facebook, I mean is that a Gucci bag or a cake?!). Chasing perfection used to be my hobby, it was how I spent my "Me Time" well lets be honest I didn't really have any "Me Time" because nothing was ever good enough for me to relax or stop. The lounge had to be perfect ( the cushions all straight and in just the right place) the bed had to be perfectly made, lets face it I wanted my house to be like a hotel perfectly perfect all the time. Totally impossible when you actually try and live there!

You see the thing is this perfectionism would stop me doing things because I thought I couldn't do it perfectly -I can't possibly try and bake a carrot cake it wouldn't turn out out like the insta pics of carrot cakes that I have seen and I couldn't take that kind of disappointment.


There is really only one antidote to this, you have to say F***K it who cares, your harshest judge is you. I bet if you made a wonky carrot cake it would still be enjoyed, and anyone worth being in your life would totally appreciate it. Plus the only way you get good at stuff is to start somewhere and learn from it. The pursuit of perfection is like enslaving ourselves not able move on rendering us stuck. It truly is the quickest root to unhappiness, when we chase it we are chasing something that doesn't exist and we are constantly disappointed, worried and anxious. So I say go ahead make burnt flapjack, wonky cupcakes and dry scones, learn from it and have a bloomin' good time doing it !

There we have it, who knew baking could be so profound. Throw caution to the wind, prioritise your time so the plates don't smash ,bake 'Wonky Bakes", and remember practice makes...... you a little bit better each time.


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