Happiness is Homemade

Busy lives, busy minds, lots of us don't know how to switch off.

The act of baking can help us do it , baking gives a  purpose to switching off.

Baking can be mindful, with the gooyiness, squidgyness and yumminess. It gets all our senses tingling , if we throw ourselves into the recipe we can't think of anything other than what we are doing right now. 

Then we get the pure delight of tasting and sharing our creations with friends and family... Bliss.

Bakeeze seeks to make all this fun and remind you that you can get a handle on this  game of life with a pinch of determination, dollop of bravery and  a hint of belief.

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What do we mean

Happiness is Homemade ?

Bakeeze came about after founder Leanne went through her second major burnout.

Her life was consumed by business and working hard, often away from her family. Her business was in wellbeing yet she was't taking her own advice and taking care of herself. In a constant fog she couldn't see how to switch off, landing up in the doctors surgery a shadow of who she really was.

Leanne, a complete and utter novice baker one day started baking and found herself totally immersed in what she was doing for the first time in a long time, she felt free! 

She became a regular baker and her head straightened out. 

Now she is on a crusade to help as many people as she can to feel that same sense freedom.

Go Leanne .